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Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift

Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift
Product Details

Product description:

Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift is used to transport goods between building floors, mainly used in workshops, warehouses, underground garages, car lifts and other places that need to lift goods up and down. Its hydraulic system has a fall arrester and an overload protection device. The emergency falling device when the power is turned off has a firm structure, large carrying capacity, stable movement, convenient installation and maintenance, and is an economical and practical cargo transportation device. Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift is installed in the pit and does not take up space when dropped. Its control panel can be used on designated floors and lifting platforms. You can also choose the remote control. Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift has a large load capacity, a non-slip platform and a stable scissors structure.

Safety equipment:

1. Allergy protection device and drop locking device

2. Explosion-proof valve: Prevent the water pipe from cracking.

3. Overflow valve: Prevents excessive pressure when the machine is raised.

4. Emergency Descent Valve: When the power is off, it can cause the machine to fall.

5. Security Bar: It prevents the cargo or people from colliding when the platform is dropped.

Product specifications:

Lifting height: 4.5 meters

Loading capacity: 2.5 tons

Platform size: 3 * 2.5 meters

Security Bar: Included

Control box: bottom and platform

Motor: 4kw, 380v 3 phase 50hz

Cylinder: 100 * 2pcs

Speed: 5-6 m / min.

color: blue