Stationary Scissor Lift

MODEL NO. FSL6-2 Lifting Height 2m Good Goods Lift

MODEL NO. FSL6-2 Lifting Height 2m Good Goods Lift
Product Details

Specification of good goods lift

lifting height: 2m

loading capacity: 6tons

platform size: 4*2.2m

the height without lifting: 0.6m

voltage: 380v 3 phase

motor: 4.4kw

color: red

Introduction of good goods lift
This scissor lift is used for uploading or loading cargo from truck. the width is 2.2 meter which is same as the width of a truck. firstly put the cargo on the ground, then the lift rises until to the height same as truck level. It is easily for you to load the cargo into the truck. It is better than the mobile dock ramp, because it occupy little space. You can also use the forklift. You can drive the forklift onto the platform of this scissor lift and use the forklift to load or unload the cargo.


Product feature of good goods lift
1.It is Installed in the pit,when falls down,it will not occupy space.
2.The control panels are available at the designated floors and on the lift platform.You can also choose the remote control
3.Great load capacity, anti-skid platform, stable scissor structure.


Safety device of good goods lift
1.Sensitive overload protection device and locking device for falling down
2.Explosion –proof valve: prevent the hydro oil pipe from cracking.
3.Overflow valve: it will prevent the pressure too high when the machine rises up.
4.Emergency decline valve: it can let the machine falls down when power is off.
5.Safety bar: it will prevent the platform struck the goods or person when it falls down.


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