What Is The Practical Effect Of The Hydraulic Lift Positioning Method?

  What is the practical effect of the hydraulic lift positioning method?

  The use of hydraulic lifts is very wide, and the use of different occasions on the basic requirements are similar, including the precise positioning. But the lifts in the actual use of the time there will be a common phenomenon of sinking, which may be the positioning of its positioning is not ideal caused by the way. How should this be resolved, we all published with the recommendations.

  First of all to solve the problem is the hydraulic lift positioning, to be reasonable and reliable, compared to the point of view or mechanical positioning locking device is more effective. The locking circuit is provided in the equipment system, hydraulic lift and when it reaches the predetermined position, it can be closed by the hydraulic seal of the hydraulic lock to avoid the use of the elevator.

  In addition to the use of the locking device, additional lifting systems and accumulators can be added to the lift so that sufficient hydraulic oil and stable pressure can be provided to the hydraulic supply to meet its precise operation requirements. hydraulic lift In accordance with one of the above operations, the hydraulic lift before the phenomenon of a significant reduction in a lot, so as to better play the lifting function.