What Are The Performance Characteristics Of A Scissor Lift?

  What are the performance characteristics of a scissor lift?

  Scissor lift is composed of walking organization, hydraulic organization, electric control organization, support organization composed of a lifting machine equipment. Hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve , Throttle valve, hydraulic check valve, balance valve into the bottom of the cylinder, so that the cylinder piston up movement, improve the weight, the top of the tank back to the oil by the explosion-proof electromagnetic valve back to the tank, the additional pressure After the relief valve to adjust, through the pressure gauge to check the pressure gauge reading value.

  What are the performance characteristics of a scissor lift?

  Scissor lifts are widely used in automobile, container, mold making, wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises and production lines, satisfied with the different height of the work needs.

  Scissor lift features

  1, science simplifies the hydraulic system, the unscrewing engine chassis, greatly reduces the risk of oil spills and maintenance costs.

  2, active leveling hydraulic legs, electric drive travel action, hydraulic drive movements

  3, the hydraulic system is equipped with anti-main arm cylinder tubing burst explosion-proof valve; selection of the United States DeltaTech control system, fault diagnosis skills, optional collision-sensing equipment

  4, hydraulic legs equipped with anti-leg cylinder retraction of the hydraulic locking equipment;

  5, the hydraulic system is equipped with platform overload active protection equipment, the upper and lower workstations are equipped with an emergency stop button, so as to ensure the safety of staff;

  6, the import of vital hydraulic parts, high reliability, long service life, the use of electronic components of electrophoretic treatment, anti-rust corrosion can be strong, the primary electrical components waterproof level to IP65

  7, the platform hydraulic system seals are domestic and foreign well-known brand seal;

  8, hydraulic differential lock and 40 cm off the ground gap, improved the terrain of high and low ability;

  9, hydraulic lifting platform with a power failure in the case of emergency drop equipment.

  10, the hydraulic system load sensitive, the pressure with the active regulation of the load, less heat, reduce energy consumption;