Three Points Of Consideration For Hydraulic Scissor Lift

  Three points of consideration for hydraulic Scissor Lift

  Hydraulic scissor lift, is a multi-functional lifting loading and unloading machinery and equipment. Hydraulic scissor lift system is driven by hydraulic, also known as hydraulic drive lift.

  Hydraulic tanks in the lift and hydraulic Scissor Lift and other hydraulic machinery in the hydraulic system of the main role for the storage, cooling, separation of oil contained in the air and the elimination of foam.

  Hydraulic scissor lift selection tank to consider the considerations There are three points:

  The first point: to consider its capacity,Scissor Lift the general mobile device to take the pump maximum flow of 2 to 3 times, fixed equipment to take 3 to 4 times.

  The second point: consider the fuel tank level, when the system after all the hydraulic cylinder oil tank oil tank must not be below the minimum oil level, when the oil cylinder retraction after the oil level shall not be higher than the maximum oil level.

  The third point: consider the tank structure, the traditional tank within the partition can not play the role of sediment, should be along the longitudinal axis of the tank to install a vertical partition, the end of the partition and the tank between the end plate leaving a space Both sides of the space communication,Scissor Lift the hydraulic pump inlet and outlet ports are arranged in the non-connected one end of the partition on both sides, so that the distance between the oil and oil the farthest, hydraulic tank more than some heat dissipation.