The Following Points Should Be Noted When Replacing The Hydraulic Lift Pin Shaft

The following points should be noted when replacing the Hydraulic Lift pin shaft

In order to ensure the safety of production and operation, axle pins are the most used and easily damaged parts, but need to be replaced 2-3 years, in order to ensure the safety of the operation, we should pay attention to the following 5 important steps.

1. When replacing the axle pins, all axle pins shall be inspected and the axle pins with more than 90% wear must be replaced.

2, wear fast, wear serious shaft pin parts, Hydraulic Lift should notify the elevator manufacturers, technical analysis by manufacturers, to find out the reasons for the fast wear, if the manufacturer's technical reasons, should be resolved by the manufacturer, if the use of improper reasons, in the subsequent use of the process in strict accordance with the operation of the manufacturer's instructions to use and operate the elevator.

3, in the replacement of the axle pin, should be used in the driving or hanging chain to remove the table, and smoothly placed in the safety does not interfere with the work of the place.

4, check and replace the Hydraulic Lift axle pin, should check wear-resistant sleeve wear condition, if wear more than 80%, also should be replaced. Wear-resistant sleeve replacement, Hydraulic Lift it is best to replace the normal Hydraulic Lift manufacturers, because the precision of the positioning of wear-resistant sets, directly affect the elevator deflection. Manufacturers generally have positioning devices, to ensure that the installation of wear-resistant sleeve accuracy.

5, after the replacement of the axle pin, the technical inspection should be carried out again to determine the load, deflection and other parameters in line with the relevant national machinery industry standards.

Conclusion: In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of the elevator, Hydraulic Lift the pin shaft is small, but the function is very big, so the operator should have the standard operation ability Besides, should also learn the self examination of the spare parts and the daily maintenance work of the equipment.