Scissor Lift The Main Structure And Advantages

With the increase in high-rise buildings, the need for high-speed, efficient lift construction site environmental protection problems began to put on the agenda. The focus of research on lifts should focus on energy savings in the lifts and reduce environmental pollution and so on.

Mobile lifts on the traditional construction process of the innovative reform, change the traditional construction methods, the current general lift is transported from the external material to the building material, and scissor lift is changed from the inside out of the material, the use of elevators Do the guard rails, and the use of elevator shaft load-bearing, the use of floor deck, work and transport principles have changed, more suitable for modern construction requirements.

First, the main structure of scissor lift

Scissor lift, the mechanical system consists of traction system, cage and counterweight, guide system, cage doors and mechanical safety protection system and other components. The traction system consists of traction machine, guide wheel, traction wire rope, traction rope head and other components; guide system by the rail frame, rails, boots and other components, mechanical safety protection system mainly by the buffer, speed limit, Safety gears, brakes and other components, electrical control system mainly by the control cabinet, control box and installed in the electrical components on the electrical components and a variety of wire and cable components.

1) traction machine, traction machine is to drive the lift cage and counterweight device for the upper and lower movement of the power device. With the reducer of the traction machine, including worm gear reducer, star gear reducer, cycloid reducer and other forms. The worm gear reducer worm in the bottom of the worm, said the next type of traction machine, worm in the worm above the top, said on the set traction machine. There are reducer of the traction machine that is gear traction machine, widely used in running speed ≤ 2.0m / s on a variety of lifts. In order to reduce the operation noise and improve the smoothness of the traction machine, the worm gear is used as the deceleration transmission device.

2) cage, cage by the cage and the walls of the two major components. The cage is composed of upper beam, column and lower beam. The dimensions of the cage and the enclosure are adjustable to suit different hoistways and are divided into two types: closed and semi-enclosed.

3) counterweight, counterweight is the wire rope traction lift for the normal operation of the essential equipment. The counterweight is located in the hoistway and is connected to the hoop by the traction sheave via the traction sheave. During the operation of the lift, the counterweight is slid against the heavy rail by balancing the weight of the hoist.

4) The cage door consists of door machine, door leaf, ground and so on. The cage door is opened and closed by the door machine.

5) There are at least two steel guide rails for the cage and counterweight of the rail lifter. It is an important part to ensure that the lifting cage and the counterweight are vertically moved up and down at a predetermined position. Rail installation is good or bad, a direct impact on the operation and quality of the lift.

6) Safety protection system The safety protection system of the lift includes mechanical safety protection system and electrical safety protection system. Mechanical safety protection system includes brakes, floor doors, ceiling doors, top safety fence, top safety window, speed limiter, safety gear, buffer and so on. When the cage is running more than the rated speed to a certain extent, the speed governor device starts to move, catch the speed limiter safety gear linkage rope. Safety gear device in the speed governor driven under the track, keep the cage does not fall, while cutting off the control circuit power. When the cage is slipping, the bumper device will hit the bottom of the hoistway with the cushion cage violently.

7) control system control system using computer control, can reduce the size of the elevator control system, saving energy and reliability. Microcomputer as the main control components, with transmission fast and easy to switch features.

Second, the main advantages of scissor lift

1) to improve the working environment from the open-air work, to indoor operations, improve the efficiency of workers, increase the safety factor. The hoistway is fully enclosed, the equipment is running when the noise and dust are small, improving the construction site and nearby residents environmental conditions. Can adapt to a variety of harsh construction environment, such as storms, moisture, dust, noise, line of sight angle, temperature difference, light intensity and so on. Without the influence of weather factors, the enterprise will arrange the construction plan independently, and will not cause the project to be stagnant due to the influence of the mechanical noise on the community residents.

2) cost-saving scissor lift platform without the need to set up the material, eliminating the need to calculate the load platform design, while eliminating the outer derrick, increase the scaffolding and construction equipment and materials used to completely avoid this part of the workers operating danger The

3) improve the quality of the project. Innovation of the traditional process of traditional construction because the construction of the table should be reserved in the external wall of the construction hole, after the end of the project to fill, resulting in the construction of water in the south wall, the northern construction of the winter wall hanging cream, while causing the external wall decoration Color sense of inconsistency and other phenomena, the overall quality of the project impact. The use of scissor lift without the need to set aside holes, it will avoid the existence of the above problems, suitable for a variety of complex exterior decoration, especially the curtain wall and senior decoration, a whole construction, effectively improve the quality of the process, put an end to the past The quality of common problems.