Scissor Lift Installation Problems Encountered

  Scissor Lift installation problems encountered

  Scissor lifts in the installation process will be a variety of problems, these problems will even affect the late installation, we talk about the installation process encountered strange things, you can let everyone to understand these issues , To avoid duplication!

  1, the most common problems encountered in the field measurement is not accurate, resulting in the installation of difficulties, and sometimes the platform is too large, so that we must re-change the foundation. Sometimes the platform is too small, this time you can re-change the platform!

  2, the scene is no way into the forklift, and the equipment itself is relatively heavy, so want to move the device to install the location of the need for manual handling, quite trouble.

  3, the lack of accessories when the installation, and some of the time when the delivery of small pieces, and sometimes lost pieces of logistics, so when the receipt must pay attention to check.

  4, the foundation size is wrong, there is no way to change.