Scissor Lift A Vertical Transport Of Goods

First, the characteristics of scissor lifts and applications

Scissor lift load capacity, large work surface, easy to install, is currently the most used a vertical cargo transport vehicles.

1, heavy load. Scissor lift load up to 100 tons, the use of electric hydraulic lift movements. Scissor lift Depending on the size of the load, the cylinder can be unidirectional or bidirectional cylinder, and can be used with a variety of support such as oblique, vertical or vertical and inclined.

2, the installation is simple. Scissor lifts are the easiest to install in all lifts, requiring fewer installers, low installation costs, and short installation times.

3, the work surface large. Scissor lift work table can be done hundreds of square meters, which is other lifting ladders can not do. For the large countertops, scissor lift multiple sets of cylinders can be used to synchronize the cylinder or synchronous valve to solve the problem of upgrading the elevator, the technology is very mature.

Second, the forklift lift pin repair when the note

The shaft pin is the most used parts of the scissor lift, and it is also easier to damage the parts. The frequent use of the pin is usually two to three years. For the sake of safety, the following points should be noted when replacing the shaft pin. Mature, simple structure, heavy load, small footprint and other characteristics, is the use of more high market share of goods vertical transport and high-altitude lifting platform equipment.

1, scissor lift replacement pin, all the pins should be checked, wear more than 90% of the pin must be replaced.

2, wear fast, wear serious pin parts, manufacturers should be notified by the technical analysis of the manufacturers to find out the reasons for the fast wear, if the manufacturers technical reasons, should be resolved by the manufacturers; if the use of improper reasons, in the future Use the process in strict accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions to use and operate scissors lift.

3, if you need to replace the pin more than 50%, it is recommended to replace all the pin.

4, the replacement of the pin, the use of driving or hanging chain to remove the table, and a smooth place in the safe does not interfere with the work of the place.

5, check and replace the pin, you should check the wear-resistant wear-resistant situation, if the wear more than 80%, should also be replaced. Wear-resistant sets of replacement, the best replacement by the regular manufacturers, because the precision of the positioning of wear-resistant sets, a direct impact on the lift of the amount of deflection. Manufacturers generally have positioning devices, to ensure that the wear-resistant sleeve installation accuracy.

6, after the completion of the replacement of the pin, should be re-technical inspection to determine the scissor lift load, yaw and other parameters in line with national machinery industry-related standards.

Third, what is the use of scissor lift?

Scissor lift can work at different heights in a fast, slow walking, you can in the air to facilitate the continuous operation of the platform up and down, forward, backward, steering and so on. This platform uses high-quality structural steel, laser welding electronic robot single-sided welding double-sided molding process, the platform is equipped with a level alarm, balance valve, automatic safety board and other alarm devices, platform safe and reliable, operating height of up to 12 meters, Kg, the fence can extend the scope of the great expansion of the operating range, the whole year warranty, five-year warranty on key components, suitable for factory floor, square lobby airport, park and other high-altitude operations needs of customers.

Scissor-type lift set four rounds of movement and two traction in one, the use of cars, tricycles or battery car chassis chassis platform, the use of the car engine or DC power, can drive the platform can also be driven up and down, widely used in urban construction, Oil fields, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries of high-altitude operations.