Scissor Aerial Work Platform Safety Measures

Scissor aerial work platform safety measures more and more attention, scissor aerial work platform safety requirements: an increasing number of scissor lift trucks used in the factory, construction site, this new scissor aerial work platform tool to our work to bring a lot of convenience, but it also brings some security risks, from the construction site lifting platform analysis, focus of attention should be on preventing lift truck overturning, several aspects virtually scratch, shock and the like. In everyday use of the process should also focus should do daily checks before use, maintenance after the end of the course carefully monitoring, and use. Control the use of the process should focus on the following points:

An upper body scissor aerial work platform should be labeled, indicating the following: increased speed limit lift rated load capacity, maximum lifting height, the manufacturer's name and date of production and so on.

II. Scissor aerial work platform operators must attend fall protection and training in the use lift trucks can begin to operate the equipment.

III. Mounted lifts used by the site safety engineer before acceptance, and hang permit be put into use after use license.

IV. User scissor aerial work platform shall be used in accordance with the rules and operations of lift truck.