Mobile Scissor Lifts Prevent Tubing Bursting Common Sense

  Mobile scissor lifts prevent tubing bursting common sense

  Below for everyone to introduce the mobile scissor elevator to prevent the common sense of tubing bursting

  First, the oil pipeline rupture caused by leakage, the main reason is the expansion of the tubing rupture, so that the mobile scissor lift can not operate normally, the solution is: the timely replacement of cracks or oil leakage of the tubing, if the leakage of oil in the operation should first turn off the power in the maintenance

  Second, high temperature to short-circuit the electric box, due to high temperature, electric box circuit system can not be a good heat dissipation, so that the electrical components damage, the solution is: in the temperature above 32° hot weather, in the use of hydraulic lifts about 2-3 hours should be spaced about 10-30 minutes, and then carry out the operation.

  Third, the prevention of Puncture tire, mobile scissor lift tire is mainly inflatable tires, if in hot weather, causing tires tire is very easy to occur dangerous accidents.

  Therefore, in response to this security risk, the main solutions are:

  1 Check whether the tyre pressure is standard before use.

  2. Timely replacement of cracked or leaking tires.

  3 as far as possible to make the hydraulic lift in the flat ground on the operation, should promptly clean up the ground sharp equipment or debris, scissor lift in order to prevent in the operation careless rolling.

  4 Avoid prolonged exposure in the hot sun, scissor lift if the condition can be covered with a sunshade or other items to cover the tires.