Maintenance Method Of Scissor Lift

  Maintenance method of scissor lift

  In the past, the use of scissors lifts, often to view, protect and conservation, so that not only extend the life of scissors lifts, but also make it more powerful when the operation of the power! For example, the transmission of some should be satisfied with the lubricating oil, the need for the wearing parts often check, repair or replace, such as reverse support, lift arm connecting bolt should be viewed is not loose, if loose even necessary to tighten or replace.

  The rules of maintenance

  1, usually maintenance (each class).

  2. After 1500 hours of operation, the mechanical and electrical systems were repaired.

  3. After 5000 hours of operation, the mechanical and electrical systems are repaired.

  4. After 10,000 hours of operation, the mechanical and electrical systems are overhauled.

  Equipment protection and conservation

  1. The brakes of each organization should always be viewed and adjusted to the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel to ensure that it is sensitive and reliable. In the friction surface, there should be no dirt, in case of dirt need to use gasoline or thin material washed away.

  2. Reducer, gearbox, external gears and other lubrication and hydraulic oil are in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication table.

  3. Please pay attention to see whether the wire rope with broken wire and loose stock appearance. If it is necessary to replace the relevant rules immediately.

  4. often see the convergence of the ministry, if loose should be tightened. Body convergence bolt should be in the body when the pressure to see the tightness (can be used to rotate the arm to the pressure situation), all the convergence of the shaft are necessary to have a cotter pin, and need to open plenty.

  5. Often check the operation of the organization is not normal, with or without noise, such as the discovery of problems, it is necessary to remove in time.

  6. Device, open and adjust the reverse organization, the meshing surface of not less than 70%, meshing clearance to be appropriate.

  7. Always check all the wires and cables for damage.

  8. Encounter the motor has a superheat to stop in time to remove the problem and then continue to run, the motor bearing lubrication to be outstanding.

  9. Some of the brush, the touch surface to keep clean, adjust the brush pressure, so that the touch area of not less than 50%.

  10. The control box, distribution box, etc. often keep clean, timely cleaning of electrical equipment on the dust.