Lifting Revolving Stage Of Electrical Control Circuit

Special lift rotary stage structure involves cold working, welding, mechanical and other specialized, high technology requirements. Compact design structure, coordination of all components, ease of fabrication, installation, maintenance. And consider the process, components of the weld must have sufficient strength and strength and welded components, according to the force, arrange the weld, avoid and reduce stress and deformation, control the elevating and rotating the concentricity of the stage, revolving stage rotating radial circular run and cross section circular run.

Control circuits shall be designed to meet the specific requirements of the electrical control system of stage premise, to be reliable, easy to operate, convenient installation and maintenance. Hydraulic lift stage requirement in the designed height of stay at any position, and asked to start and stop smoothly and safe operation requires that the entire system, electrical design on the necessary protection measures. Revolving stage rotation infinitely variable speed. Design of control circuit for two separate systems controlled elevating and rotating.

Hydraulic system of lifting stage using simple single phase bridge type, capacitor rectifier, button lock, automatic limit switch limit control circuit, ensure the safety of stage run.