Ladder Lift For The Mobility Of The Upper And Lower Floors Of The Special Machinery

For the mobility of the upper and lower floors of the special machinery. There are 3 types. Sitting on the staircase handrail with a power device platform, can take a person, can be lifted along the stairs step by step. Vertical car: style for the semi-enclosed network room, available for wheelchair access, vertical rise and fall between the floors. Car type: similar to the ordinary elevator, wheelchair for the upper and lower.


The hydraulic vertical lift is a special hydraulic lift platform for the transportation of goods between the buildings and the main products. The products are transported up and down by various working layers. The three-dimensional garage and the underground garage are lifted. Product hydraulic system set anti-fall, overload safety protection device, the floor and lift table can be set to operate the button, to achieve multi-point control. Product structure is strong, carrying capacity, smooth movements, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical low-rise between the elevator ideal transport equipment. According to the installation of the lifting platform and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.