Hydraulic Lifting Platform, China Started The Brand

With the deepening of hydraulic lifting platform market, China hydraulic lifting platform has been more and more user acceptance and a good market reputation, in the first half of 2010, hydraulic lifting platform business unit in the process of reform, China has made unprecedented innovation and breakthrough in industry has set a benchmark of lean production. "The key is to win the market with quality. "Product quality has always been the core concerns of users, upper division in the Assembly of parts on the basis of the carried out water-step Assembly, Spider-man is designed and put into production car assembled semi-automatic assembly lines and Assembly the Assembly line, and full implementation of the parts of the spray Assembly, greatly improving the production efficiency, reliability and resistance to corrosion. The manufacturing process of "reform", so that the overall quality of China's hydraulic lifting platform has been a qualitative leap forward, more and more users began to favor the North of hydraulic lifting platform.