Hydraulic Lift Safety Hazard Elimination Program

  Hydraulic Lift safety hazard elimination program

  This article describes how to eliminate the construction of the elevator hidden dangers, to prevent the occurrence of security incidents.

  1. Hydraulic Lift failure or the occurrence of abnormal circumstances, should immediately stop using, to eliminate the failure and accident hidden before being re-put into use.

  2. Hazard investigation depends on all aspects of co-management:

  1) Construction enterprises are the main body of the investigation of hidden trouble of construction Hydraulic Lifts, should strengthen the daily inspection and regular inspection, the construction of the elevator steel structure, safety protection devices, electrical installations, transmission carefully check.

  2) the supervision unit should effectively carry out the safety responsibilities and found that the existence of production safety accidents should be required to install the unit, the use of units within a time limit rectification, the installation unit, the use of units refused to rectification, and timely report to the construction unit.

  3) Construction departments in charge of the implementation of safety supervision and inspection duties, the inspection found in the construction of the elevator production safety accident hidden danger, ordered to immediately exclude, major production safety accidents before or after the exclusion of the exclusion process can not guarantee safety, ordered to withdraw from the danger zone The operator or temporarily stop construction. In the investigation and management of hidden trouble, the investigation should be serious, remediation should be resolute, the results to be consolidated.

  Only the timely elimination of hidden dangers in order to ensure the normal operation of the Hydraulic Lift, as soon as possible early detection of hidden problems early to solve the problem, as much as possible due to Hydraulic Lift accidents caused by security accidents. Please ask the construction unit to operate the Hydraulic Lift in strict accordance with the product manual.