Hydraulic Lift Platform Should Be How To Maintain

Wheel, shaft and bearing, cylinder pin shaft and bearings, arm pivot shaft and bearing wear.

All parts of the hydraulic lifting platform raises some Lube, extended bearing service life.

Oil hydraulic oil and oil level. Lifts the whole rises in this position, the hydraulic 40~50 mm at the bottom should be high on the ground. Found hydraulic oil becomes dark, sticky or gravel and other foreign matter, and should be replaced (32# oil).

Check all of the hydraulic pipes and joints. Pipeline not damaged, loose connectors cannot have, all joints must be tightened.

Remove and take apart the drop valve, plunger with compressed air blowing, and then mount and replace.

Discarded hydraulic oil drain, tighten the connector remove the oil filter after wash, using compressed air to clean, and put it back in the tank and connected piping. (Change your oil, do not continue to use the old oil. Or the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear. )