Hydraulic Lift Motor Selection Precautions

Hydraulic lift work environment is good and bad, in the work of the motor prone to greater heat, in addition to the selection there are many should pay attention to the problem:

1, for high temperature environment in the operation, should use f-level insulation.

2, good heat dissipation performance, due to hydraulic lifting platform for continuous work, must be forced ventilation.

3, the fan in the motor when not in use, there should be an adjustable delay and power off function, especially the hydraulic lift platform.

4, such as the use of DC motor, should have a transparent window to facilitate the inspection of carbon brush and commutator.

5, is the humidity of the place, with the internal heater, with overheating alarm and power protection device.

6, in the indoor installation of the lift, the motor protection rating of not less than IP23, should be achieved in the outdoor IP54.

7, all the motor should be in a short time with the specified torque overload capacity.

8, hydraulic lift power supply equipment should be selected less noise, fast and flexible operation of the pumping station.

Hydraulic lift power supply equipment is the heart of the hydraulic lifting platform, plays a key role in the selection should be a detailed understanding, and finally make the right choice and judgment.

Which hydraulic lifts are suitable for installation in obstacle situations?

Which hydraulic lifts are suitable for installation in obstacle situations? The practical application of hydraulic lifts is complex and varied, in order to overcome all the disadvantages, the choice of hydraulic lift type and the actual needs of the matching must be high. For example, there are some occasions in the obstacles will be more, which hydraulic lift can be better to avoid obstacles?

To say which type of hydraulic lifts can avoid the obstacles to smooth the operation, it is certainly recommended to everyone is definitely a curved arm type hydraulic lift, this hydraulic lift can achieve any angle of rotation back and forth, not only can easily avoid obstacles, but also Large range of multi-point operations. In order to ensure the stability of the crank-type hydraulic lifts, its design height will have some limitations, the maximum working height can be reached only 16 meters.

In addition, there is a folding arm hydraulic lift, which is the implementation of the hydraulic drive through the lifting equipment, the same can complete a variety of operations in the lifting requirements.