Hydraulic Lift It Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors

Hydraulic lifts in use should pay attention to what? Hydraulic lifts popular in the field of high-altitude operations, the use of safety issues should be placed in the first place, it has many advantages in the use of remarkable, which is in recent years, the main reason for the hydraulic lift market in full swing.

Hydraulic lifts as a high-altitude mobile equipment, with its unique role and advantages of hydraulic lifts can be used indoors and outdoors, convenient and quick, large construction construction, small household food, the use of a wide range of hydraulic lifting platform to its Unique shape structure and durable anti-wear performance characteristics, has been the majority of customer support.

Advantages of hydraulic lifts:

1. The hydraulic lift has a remote operating system

Hydraulic lifts Because of the wide selection of electronic control switches, even in the harsh environment of the site, you can also remote operation, improve the operational comfort.

2. Hydraulic lift is easy to walk

In the traditional hydraulic lift on the basis of the installation of the steel conveyor and concrete transport device, can transport steel, concrete and construction personnel, greatly improve the construction efficiency; optional advanced advanced speed control system, making the lift can be 0 ~ 60m / min stepless speed regulation.

3. The hydraulic lift has high safety performance

The standard section of the lift section without rack design ensures that the platform will not take the roof, limit and limit switch to ensure the safety of the construction staff.

4. Hydraulic lift drive performance is good

Reduce the noise, so that the lift platform to increase the headroom, but also to make the transmission more stable, the mechanism of vibration smaller.

5. Hydraulic lift controllable performance

Hydraulic lift escalator simple and accurate operation to meet the different needs of different height, that is, by pressing, making high-altitude operations become simple and easy.

Safe use of hydraulic lifts

1. strictly in accordance with the instructions of the hydraulic lift operation, is strictly prohibited illegal operations.

2. It is forbidden to run the engine for a long time in a sealed garage. The exhaust gas emitted by the hydraulic lift engine contains carbon monoxide. It is a kind of gas which is in a low concentration of carbon monoxide gas for a long time. It causes headaches, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. Dizziness, mental confusion and even brain damage and other symptoms, serious, can cause death, such as in the garage to start the engine, the garage door should open or open the exhaust device, so that at any time to exhaust emissions from the garage, And do not stay in the vicinity of the working engine exhaust pipe for a long time.

3. Do not damage the hydraulic lift, brake fluid on the hydraulic lift film damage, it can quickly dissolve the paint film, while the brake fluid on the eyes is also harmful, Jinan Jin Chong lift machinery to remind you that if the splash Into the eyes, you must immediately rinse with water.

4. Must pay attention to the hydraulic lift of the rotating parts, the engine is running, the hand, tools must be away from the rotating fan belts and fans, the test must be in a wide location, must ensure that the hydraulic lift safety stop and turn effective.

5. After the test or the use of finished, you must clean up the hydraulic lifts and the scene, in the closure of the hydraulic lift motor cover or other assembly cover, should check the tools, wipes and removed parts and other items are forgotten, to be confirmed before they can be closed The

6. Work on the hydraulic lift workbench and wear a seat belt, helmet and other tools to prevent accidents.

7. Do not drink drunk, the body should not be in due condition when the end of the ongoing high-altitude operations.

8. Do not overload or long-term partial load operations, which will not only reduce the service life, there will be security risks.