How To Extend The Working Life Of Hydraulic Lifts

  How to extend the working life of hydraulic lifts;

  Many times, when the major factories from the lift channel manufacturers to buy a lift channel, usually do not carry out conservation, hydraulic lifts only know that blindly to use, and then make the lifting channel of the operating period of continuous shortening, and ultimately fully meet its mission. So how can the cooking process be able to extend the working hours of the lift channel?

  ① on any equipment after the purchase is a certain run-in period, through the lift channel manufacturers we understand that the run-in period for lifting equipment for six or seven hours or less of the operating time, in detail, hydraulic lifts but also to see him The use of frequency and operating load, these are the needs of the run-in period of attention, so as to ensure that the lifting equipment has an excellent use and conservation.

  ② after more than the period of the run-in period, the lift channel manufacturers to inform us, at this time on the need for the first conservation, and in the conservation process, the need to see the oil, to see if the tank is not even hydraulic oil, hydraulic lifts if Yes, look at the amount is not satisfied, can not reach the role of lifting, if not, then the demand to increase some.

  ③ when the oil line after the end of the view, and then look at the situation to see the nearby, and look at the screw or the convergence of things, hydraulic lifts and then look at the screw or the connection is not loose; lift manufacturers suggest that we also need to see a See if there is no oil or oil leakage of the scene, in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary trouble.