How Hydraulic Lifts Prevent Air And Water From Entering The Hydraulic System

How hydraulic lifts prevent air and water from entering the hydraulic system

Hydraulic lift is a kind of lift, very good to use, the use of the system is the hydraulic system, the development of hydraulic lifts can directly determine the development of the industry's future, the normal operation of hydraulic lifts need to have a good Hydraulic system.

Hydraulic lift want to be better use is to have a good hydraulic system, atmospheric pressure in the hydraulic oil contains a volume ratio of 6 to 8% of the air, when the pressure is reduced when the air will be free from the oil out, bubbles The rupture causes the hydraulic element to "cavitation" and produce noise. A lot of air into the oil will make the "cavitation" phenomenon intensifies, hydraulic oil compression increases, work instability, reduce efficiency, the implementation of components work "crawling" and other adverse consequences. Hydraulic lifts can effectively ensure the safety of staff.

In the development of hydraulic lifts, the air will make the hydraulic oil oxidation, to accelerate the deterioration of oil. Hydraulic lift to prevent air invasion means: maintenance and oil change according to the provisions of the system to exclude the air in order to normal operation. Hydraulic oil pump suction port shall not be exposed to oil, oil piping must be sealed well. Oil contains excessive moisture, will make the corrosion of hydraulic components in addition to maintenance to prevent moisture intrusion, but also pay attention to the oil tank when not in use, to tighten the lid, the best inversion placed; water content of oil to be filtered several times, Each filter once to replace a dry filter paper, in the absence of special equipment detection, the oil can be heated to the hot iron plate, no steam and immediately burn the fire can only raise

The development of hydraulic lifts is very good for us. Can play a great role in our development. But the rational use of hydraulic lifts is now we are most concerned about the problem, and put into use when we have to timely maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic lifts. So that we can use the hydraulic lift can continue to operate steadily.