How Does A Hydraulic Lift Encounter A Sudden Power Failure?

Hydraulic lifts in the course of the use of power failure will occur when, especially in the summer is the peak in the electricity, or underdeveloped areas, especially in high-altitude operations which encountered an emergency power outage, equipment, no way to normal decline Is a very troublesome thing. What should happen if you encounter an emergency power outage?

Design engineers in the early stages of the design of the lifting equipment has also been considered this issue, we will be based on the use of the customer in the event of an unexpected power outage in the case of a lot of unexpected circumstances, and then give a reasonable solution to facilitate the use of customers. All do not need to worry about any power outage.

Hydraulic lift operation when the power outage treatment:

Customers in the use of time must be read in advance to use the instructions to ensure that the product prone to an emergency situation have a certain understanding of the accident situation can be resolved in a timely manner. hydraulic lift Also suggested that the best arrangements for customers to operate equipment.

We are in the pump station location set up an emergency drop valve, the customer can use this down valve to control the equipment down. Regardless of the unexpected situation, simply twist the valve to allow the device to drop to the lowest position. And now the equipment in order to facilitate the operation of customers, we move the emergency drop valve to a more obvious position to the customer's operation. Open the pressure relief valve, hydraulic lift so that hydraulic oil reflux, so the device will be able to slowly down! We use the equipment when there will be some emergency devices, many customers in the use of time often do not pay attention to see the instructions, once the accident situation, it will rush. Here to remind the majority of customers, in the use of time must seriously study the operating methods, do not worry in case of problems, of course, if the use of the time when the button failure, you can also use this button. hydraulic lift Generally this button is next to the hydraulic tank, because the different models are not the same position.