Failure Factors Of Hydraulic Lifting Platform

First, a person responsibility system for vehicle maintenance, strictly according to the requirements to the usual maintenance and to implement the corresponding evaluation system. Secondly, in addition to performing regular maintenance, repair things, great emphasis usually discover and solve some small problems to stitch. 1d this requirement is often mechanical Beat butter, add electrolyte, oil, water, tire fill gas, hydraulic oil for hydraulic part should be added on time, plug the run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, so that machinery and equipment are often in good condition, keep the vehicle clean inside and outside, ensure a good sight.

Illegal operation, not only the direct damage to the aerial, and serious personal injury can also cause. 03011 high car, due to usually not by operation operation, in increased big, and small arm Shi, for figure convenient, often Super angle using, in size arm angle is greater than 70 degrees of range within operation construction, results, once in too Yu road construction Shi appeared has small arm waist folding, caused small arm in work Shi fell, also has on lifting bucket of contains real of weight, products factory time contains volume for 25OKg, practice proved this a limited contains volume is not stone of, after number years of using, support lifting bucket of related parts due to material wear, and Tension decrease, welding strength, lifting load limit to be reduced year by year, in General, reduced 5 kg per year.