Differences Between Hydraulic Lifts And Hoist Cranes

  Differences between hydraulic lifts and hoist cranes

  Hydraulic lifts and hoist cranes are the same lifting equipment, both for people's production and life has brought great convenience, both common and different places specifically have the following:

  1, different ways of operation, hydraulic lift gourd crane is the use of wire rope for lifting, hydraulic lift is the use of hydraulic equipment for lifting, power transmission mode is not the same.

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  2, the scope of work is different, for the different types of work. Electric hoist cranes are often used for large tonnage level movements and lifting purposes, often used for steel manufacturing, port terminals, bearing capacity is relatively large, ancillary equipment is expensive. Hydraulic lifts Due to the variety and size of the specifications, electric hoist cranes can do the work, hydraulic lifts can be used.

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  3, lifting speed is different, gourd crane driven by the use of high-speed motor, in a short time can move up and down heavy objects, hydraulic lift and hydraulic lifts can not be done in a short time, hydraulic lift using motor drive gear pump, hydraulic oil from the leaves The pump to form a certain pressure to the hydraulic cylinder piston upward movement to enhance the goods, with adjustable lifting speed, good stability and other characteristics, the drawback is only vertical lift.

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  4, practicality, with the help of hydraulic lifts people can be completed in the high altitude high-altitude operations, good stability, high safety factor. And gourd crane can not manned work, can only complete the basic functions such as lifting movements, high-altitude operation advantages better than hydraulic lift practical.

  Summary: For valuables and low-speed industries, you can choose to lift, for the use of high frequency manufacturing industry, hydraulic lift the proposed use of cranes, do a good job in accordance with local conditions, select the correct lifting equipment.