Classification Of Hydraulic Lifts

  Classification of hydraulic lifts:

  According to the type of luggage can be divided into: scissors lift ladders and rails lift ladders. Lifting lift of the lift from 1 m to 30 m range, hydraulic lifts and can be customized according to user requirements special standard lift ladder.

  Scissor lift ladders are widely used for high altitude operations. Its scissor-like mechanical structure, so that after lifting the elevator has a high stability, the majority of the operating channels and high carrying capacity, so that larger scale operations, and suitable for more than one homework. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer. Features: Lifting institutions use high-strength manganese steel giant tube manufacturing. There is a safety protection device to avoid overloading the lift. There is a safety protection valve to avoid breaking the hydraulic pipe. Emergency power reduction equipment with power failure. The product is suitable for high-altitude equipment in various industries, hydraulic lifts maintenance and other mobile high-altitude operations. (Such as: three-phase AC power supply, single-phase AC power supply, DC power supply and internal combustion power, etc.), plus the manual hydraulic equipment can be in the power outage or no power as usual lifting operations, and can be Plus flexible channels, the channel length can be extended to the required position, and then improve the operating efficiency. Is a modern tall construction, equipment, ambush with the goods, is the high-altitude security and civilization of the necessary production.

  The railroad elevator is a non-scissor lift channel. Applicable to two or three layers of industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, the transfer between the goods. The minimum height of 150-300mm, and no upper hanging point. Way diversification (single column, double column, four columns). Equipment operation is smooth, hydraulic lifts simple and reliable operation, with a variety of hydraulic, electrical protection, fast economic transmission of goods. Rail-type fixed hydraulic lift, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises instead of elevators to improve the goods, with a simple structure, heavy load, long life, protection convenience, safe and useful features, especially for underground wells can not dig the foundation of the occasion.