China Hydraulic Lift Is In The Explosive Growth Eve

Most of the buildings are currently in China with the construction of concrete technology, but can not be natural degradation of concrete in 50 years, far worse than the recyclable steel construction. Also in the procurement of transport and concrete pumping and other aspects will spend a huge cost. The government has also taken note of these issues began to promote steel. After the end of the use of foreign steel construction, 80 percent of the building materials can be recycled is a green building. If the steel building construction market has become mainstream, high-altitude equipment market will continue to enlarge. Steel-based venues such as the Bird's Nest, with its construction and maintenance in the process of aerial equipment use are very large.

Also with the policy of promoting urbanization, urban-rural dual structure will be phased out, and a lot of high-rise buildings will be the birth of a large number of aerial vehicles purchasing power. Data showed the US in 2010 Aerial ownership 250,000,000, almost every family has a four lift trucks, although there are some differences between China and the US on the living conditions, but according to the data show that China currently on the market Aerial ownership was less than 30,000 units. China Aerial Equipment market undoubtedly have enormous opportunities.

Hydraulic lift import rate in the Chinese market, mainly depends on two factors. So that cost, companies will tend to choose a more cost-effective practices. Also, the Government's attitude will play a significant role if the government can steadily more stringent safety regulations of production, then, will directly promote the development of Chinese aerial work platforms. At that time the growth spurt will probably come true.