Chain Lifts Which Parts Need To Be Maintained

  Chain lifts which parts need to be maintained

  Chain elevator after work to pay attention to the following maintenance, we listed below for our company.

  1. If the elevator is placed in a long time, should look at the wheel, center shaft and bearing, oil cylinder PIN shaft and bearing, bearing and arm hinge axis, and other traces of wear and tear, the concentration of hydraulic oil and oil level, the full rise in the highest position, the hydraulic oil surface should be higher than the bottom 45-50 mm.

  2, mobile elevator in the work must support the expense of legs, adjust the leg bolts, so that the smooth force on the leg must adhere to the level.

  3, in the lifting process of the chain hoist and rising state, may not arbitrarily move the take-off and landing channels, prohibit shaking on the platform. The parts should be wiped clean, when not working, the worktable will be lowered to the lowest position to avoid rust on the surface of the piston rod.

  4, the use of special personnel operation, custody, any non-electrical staff or staff may not be free to disassemble electrical appliances.

  5, before the use must do function to view: The Primary View Control button is not really useful, the handover point bolts of security fastening function, the stability of the guardrail, power cord and socket is not intact, the appearance of quality is not good local.

  Outstanding cleaning and maintenance is the best way to adhere to the excellent machine condition of chain lifts, and also the most direct way to ensure the safety of our work.