Boom Lift Daily Maintenance

The main function of the lift is to achieve the vertical transport of materials and other engineering equipment. Lifts in the domestic development earlier, because of its convenience and safety and is more widely used, but if the operation of the process does not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance work, it is easy to post-operation process to bring some small problems small Fault and so on. So how should we do it? Here we come together to learn it

1: First of all to the elevator equipment accessories such as inspection to see if there is damage to the damaged or wear serious parts, such as the early development of preventive measures to avoid the operation of the controller failure or failure of accessories such as accidents and so on.

2: some of the key components of the equipment must be regularly added lubricants to prevent rust and other equipment caused by the operation is not flexible and so on, for the equipment of the hydraulic oil to regular inspection, if there is deterioration or serious dirt The oil should be thoroughly replaced, in order to enhance the equipment fuel consumption, so that equipment operations to maximize performance.

Three: in the course of the operation to ensure that the operating platform in a horizontal state, to avoid the process of operation due to equipment tilt caused by the occurrence of failure, the process of transporting materials should be strictly controlled in the load standard range. In the course of the operation of the surrounding people can not walk around, can not climb, etc., to avoid some emergency situations caused by casualties, etc., if an emergency occurs, the operator should remain calm, cut off the power in time to avoid failure Maintain the status quo, resulting in more serious loss of equipment and so on.