Adjustment Method Of Lifting Speed Of Hydraulic Lift

  Adjustment method of lifting speed of hydraulic lift

  Hydraulic lifts have their own characteristics, the lift is mainly used to drive the hydraulic pump, so that the mechanical energy into pressure and kinetic energy. And then through the hydraulic oil drive hydraulic cylinder movement to promote cargo ladder rise, while the pressure energy and kinetic energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic lifts can not be as fast as the elevator to adjust the speed, nor can the same speed as the elevator, this is the hydraulic equipment, the speed can be adjusted but the speed is faster and faster but the elevator, but faster than the slow is better

  Hydraulic lift its load, the speed and its work surface are different, for its lifting speed is also different, for the impact of the slow speed of the reasons for it? Here to take you to understand the reasons for the slow speed of hydraulic lifts.

  Lift design considerations:

  First, the tubing control, the longer the hydraulic tubing, the longer the rise time. So in the installation, within the scope of the design to minimize the length of the tubing; in the adjustment of the power unit can also be based on the size of the pipeline to adjust the equipment to ensure the normal needs of security under the premise of the corresponding The adjustment.

  Second, the hydraulic lift or scissor lift, are controlled by the power unit and the cylinder, the power unit in the production with four holes, is to adjust the size, increase or decrease the hydraulic fluid cylinder, we can By adjusting the motor speed or electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow;

  Third, the cylinder control, cylinder size, to meet the design requirements of the case, as much as possible to reduce the cylinder size. The smaller the cylinder size, the faster the rise.

  Lift, it's the speed you can according to their own needs in advance with the manufacturer to make it clear. Let you configure the corresponding lifting speed of the lift in order to better achieve the desired effect for you.