Stationary lifting

Is a kind of lifting stability, applicable to a wide range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used for the production line height difference between the delivery of ATL and BTL material; adjust the height of the workpiece when the workpiece Assembly; high feeder feeding large lifting equipment when assembling parts; large machine tool feeding, blanking; storage places of loading and unloading goods and forklift moving vehicle matching rapid loading and unloading, and so on. According to the requirements, you can configure the accessory device, any combination, such as stationary lifting platform safety devices electrical control work platform; power forms. The right selection of various configurations, maximize function of the lifting platform, achieve the best results.

Fixed type lifting platform of can selected configuration has artificial hydraulic power, and convenient and around facilities take received of activities turned Board, and scroll or mobile roll road, and prevent rolling feet of security touch article, and organ type security protection cover, and people moving or mobile rotating table, and liquid moving flip table, and prevent lifting platform whereabouts of security support rod, and stainless steel security nursing network, and electric or liquid moving lifting platform walking power system, and million to ball table.