Plane displacement and rotation of hydraulic lifts

Plane and rotating hydraulic elevator is a combination of mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration, mainly by: scissor lift platform, a floating table, steering and drive device, hydraulic system, electrical control system components. General platform power-restricted, limited in walking distance and direction, another platform table stationary. With a storage battery-powered, walked in through hydraulic motors work campaigns, platforms rise. Falling action realized by lifting hydraulic cylinder, platform countertop workspace settings traverse, pitch shift and rotation of three action areas.

Hydraulic work platform is mainly composed of the following 4 types of actions: 1. travel agency driven by two hydraulic motors, hydraulic motors mounted directly on the drive wheels installed diagonally, which hosted platform 4 diagonal installation of two wheel drive motor, which will drive walking platforms to achieve vertical and horizontal feet. Using double-Rod hydraulic cylinder steering drive, double rod end connects two drive rack, rack-limit driving rotation gear. Rotary gear installed on the upper end of the shaft, to install drive motor and drive wheel at the lower end, another axis of the lower end gear installed. Hydraulic cylinder reciprocating linear motion back and forth, drive rack linear motion, rack gears rotating gears to the axis of rotation. 2. lifting cylinder driven connections and inside and outside the arm upward movement, inner and outer arm via rolling the upward movement of the wheel. 3. horizontal cylinder made lateral moves, driven sliding table on a flat, rotating gears and move; when the vertical cylinder, vertical, driven longitudinal movement of plate, traversing platforms, rotating gears and upper table with vertical movement.