Hydraulic lift platform

Hydraulic lifting platform is a versatile lifting handling machinery and equipment. Hydraulic lifting platform is divided into: four-wheeled mobile elevating platform, two tractor lift platform, car lifting platform, push-type lifting platform, hand-lift platform, AC-DC lift, electric-car-lifting platform, lift height varies from 1 m to 30 m. Hydraulic lifting platform lifting platform of special specifications can be customized according to user requirements. Apply to factories, automated warehouses, car parks, municipal, docks, construction, renovation, logistics, power, transportation, petroleum, chemicals, hotels, stadiums, industries, enterprises, such as Spider-man and maintenance. Lift platform lift system, is driven by hydraulic pressure, it is called a hydraulic lifting platform.

Hydraulic lifting platform applies Yu car, and container, and mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling, various industrial enterprise and the production line, can distribution loaded various table form (as ball, and drum, and turntable, and steering, and pour turned, and telescopic), tie various control way (points moving, and linkage, and explosion-proof), has lifting smooth accurate, and frequently started, and load volume big, features, effective solution industrial enterprise in the various lifting job difficulties, makes production job easily freely.