How to install the scissor lift and how to operate it

Installation instruction:

1)      Make the pit according to the platform size. the pit need to be flat and strong enough to hold the scissor lift.

2)      In the pit, there should be embedded parts or steel plate. So you can fix the scissor lift on the pit by screw and welding.

3)      fixed 4 sets of auxiliary rails. This can make the scissor lift work stable.

Operation instruction:

1)      Before you use the scissor lift, you should operate it without loading. After you check everything is ok, then you can use it with loading.

2)      You should check: the hydraulic oil pipes, electrical system. You need to ensure that there is no leakage in hydraulic oil pipes and the electrical wires should be in good condition and the electrical parts are intact without any loosing.

3)      The loading should be in the center of the platform during the scissor lift operating period.


1)      Don’t climb and shake the scissor lift when the platform is rising up or getting down.

2)      If the scissor lift need maintenance works, you should lifting the platform to the highest height, and then begin the works.

3)      Don’t overload the scissor lift when the platform is working.

4)      The hydraulic oil should be keep clean. Don’t mix with water or other materials. Every year you should change the hydraulic oil. In the cold season, we suggest you use 32# hydraulic oil. In the hot season, we suggest you use 46# hydraulic oil.

5)      If the scissor lift has some problems, you should cut off the power in time.

6)      The scissor lift should stop, if it has problems. Nonprofessional people cannot take apart or adjust the hydraulic valve and electrical parts.

If the scissor lift installed on the ground, you should make sure that it has enough lifting space. The electrical wires and oil pipes should don’t obstruct the lifting to prevent the wires or pipes broken.