Driving device

Located inside the car, formed by the electric motor, speed reducer and rack and pinion. The gear reducer output shaft, stretch out the car, engaged with the fixed rack in the Tower, with the car running up and down. Car equipped with control system, the operator can also run random. Added section installation located at the top of the car, is a small manual or motorized jib cranes. Added section, the car up to a certain distance from the Tower, crane standard section to stay to the Tower, in place after fixation, that is, complete the process. In order to ensure the safe operation of lift platform, with speed brakes, stroke limit switch, door protection switch.

Rack and pinion drive the lift platform and simple compared to the lift platform, with a high, setting up fast, safe and reliable, human features such as dual-use goods, in construction, particularly construction of high-rise buildings, wide range of applications.