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Hydraulic Chain Guide Rail Cargo Lifter

Hydraulic Chain Guide Rail Cargo Lifter
Product Details

Product description:

This Hydraulic Chain Guide Rail Cargo Lifter is mainly used in warehousing, logistics, industrial, mining production lines, automotive sales and other industries. It provides a fast, efficient, convenient and safe way to transport goods from one floor to another. The freight elevator is driven by electric and hydraulic systems and moves up and down along the rails. Equipped with single-sided or double-sided hydraulic cylinders to make the elevator work smoothly and stably. It is installed in the pit or on the ground. The control panel can be used on the required floor and lifting platform. Hydraulic Chain Guide Rail Cargo Lifter is designed according to customer specifications and requirements. The maximum load is 50T.


1. Large capacity, up to 50T, lifting height up to 30m

2. Anti-skid tread plate, high quality anti-fall chain, wire and bearing, make it work smoothly, no noise, easy maintenance, long use time

3. Hydraulic Chain Guide Rail Cargo Lifter has various safety devices such as emergency stop button, explosion-proof valve and relief valve.

4. Can be installed in the pit or on the ground according to your choice.

Safety equipment:

1. Workbench is equipped with guardrail and high-strength anti-fall chain

2. The elevator has a hydraulic overload protection mechanism to ensure that the equipment does not rise when the load exceeds the rated capacity.

3. The machine is equipped with a single-control solenoid valve to prevent the platform from falling when the power fails. You can lower the platform to its original position by opening the manual lowering valve.

4. With overflow valve, it can prevent high pressure when the machine rises.

5. It is temperature protected, so when the hydraulic oil is out of the normal range, the machine will stop working.