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MODEL NO. AL-8 Working height 10m Best Price Aerial Lift

MODEL NO. AL-8 Working height 10m Best Price Aerial Lift
Product Details

Specification for Best Price Aerial Lift

lifting height: 8m 

table size: 600*600mm 

loading capacity: 150kg

Introduction of Best Price Aerial Lift

Aluminum lift platform adopts high strength aluminum alloy ,with light weight ,pretty appearance and compact has safety steel wire and anti-fall device. It can reach up to 24m and load 2 max person working on the platform. The lift can pass through the low door and elevator, suit for small space. popular used for workshop, hotel, restaurant ,lobby, railway station, airport, cinema, exhibition hall, shopping mall and other place need to installation and maintenance.


Product feature of Best Price Aerial Lift

1.High-strength aluminum alloy, reduce deflection and swing when it lift.
2.Use imported hydraulic valve and the European CE safety certification motor;
3.Using electrical box unit with anti-leakage and overload protection;
4.Using solid state relays. No contact, no spark, vibration;
5.The control panel both on the platform and ground
6.With Polyurethane solid wheel
7.AC 220V (standard configuration), AC 380V power supply, DC power supply, manual pump
8.Small size, suitable for small space work, mobile and flexible

Safety device of Best Price Aerial Lift

1.Sensitive overload protection device and locking device for falling down
2.Explosion –proof valve: prevent the hydro oil pipe from cracking.
3.Overflow valve: it will prevent the pressure too high when the machine rises up.
4.Emergency decline valve: it can let the machine falls down when power is off.

5. Safety lock:the lift machine can’t work if your operation is wrong.




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