Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Product Details


Our Articulating Boom Lift can be raised vertically, moved from side to side and offer the additional benefit of horizontal reach and the ability to maneuver up-and-over obstacles. The platform features guard rails, among many other safety features, and the Articulating boom lift can be operated by the worker on the platform, or by an operator on the ground. Our Articulating Boom Lift can be self-propelled. It is driven by diesel engine or battery. Widely used in construction area, tall building area of the city and other area need aerial working status, the articulating boom lift can provide you convenience and efficiency.

Product Features:

1.Only one person on the platform can make operation for up, down, move forward and backward.

2.Two controls both on the ground and platform.

3.The power indicator can show the left power and working hours.

4.There is one foot switch on platform. You can make controls only after you open the foot switch.

Safety device:

1.The platform can adjust the level balance automatically.

2.Emergency stop button can let the operator stop the lift in accidence.

3.Operation alarm light for operator.

4.The arm head and oil tank have protection cover to prevent dust and sand.